- Manage your contacts
- Im-, Export and synchronization with Outlook.

- Document Management
- Payments with SEPA (Germany)
- Scheduler
- Information pool
- Text program
- Spreadsheet
- E-Mail Client
- Tasks
- and much more

With this program package you can make your daily work in the office easier.

Product description
- Customer managment for closed user groups
- Management for public licenses
- Send download and configuration SMS
- Agent statements
- Support Chat
- Invoicing
- Automatic debit SEPA (Germany)
- Statistical evaluations
- A homepage which can be created even without knowledge of HTML programming.
- A customer portal in the homepage which allows customers to manage their licenses and groups themselves.
and much more.

This program is for companies which offer a PTT (Push to Talk) service. The PTT server is controlled via a SOAP interface. In addition, all functions of the office tools are included. More information, please refer from the product description.
Product description

-  Milage allowance from minimum distance
-  4 allowances according to working time
-  Employee data are automatically applied.
-  Evaluation is performed in a spreadsheet.

With this software package, you can easily control your travel expenses.

Product description