Performance differences - "Office-Tools"

Differences from: Standard

    Enterprise Business Professional Standard
Appearance of the program You can change the appearance of the program by selecting a different skin. Over 40 different skins are available for your selection.

Client capability You can use the program for several companies.

Contact management

The data of your contacts are centrally managed. There is only one place to make changes, all other person-related data refer to the contacts. The contact details you can exportar, import or synchronize using MS Outlook. The contacts can be interlinked.

Network capability It allows multiple users to work with the program and access shared data.

SEPA-Payments (Just for Germany)

Enter here your one-time, or manage here your regular payments. Run your payments by creating a SEPA file and submit it to your bank.


Our text program is inspired by Microsoft Word. Create your correspondences in a safe environment.

We support the following file formats:

  •  *.rtf Rich Text Format
  •  *.txt text file
  •  *.html, *.htm html format
  •  *.mht Single File Web
  •  *.odt Open Office document
  •  *.xml Word 2003 xml document
  •  *.docx Word 2007 Document
  •  *.doc Microsoft Word document
  •  *.epub Electronic Publications

Store in the database:

  • You can also store the correspondence in the database.
  • Store text snippets in the database and create correspondences with existing  snippets.

Automatic replacements

  •  You can include short descriptions such as "br" and then in the text the abbreviation is replaced with Best regards.

Advanced text formatting options

  • Character formatting: Characters can be formatted with different settings for font, font size, font style - bold, italic, underline, strikethrough style and different colors for background and foreground.
  • Paragraph formatting: Formatting options for paragraphs include alignment, indentation, variable paragraph and line spacing.
  • Lists: Supports bullets, numbered lists, and mixed.
  • Document formatting can be saved and applied through the use of styles. Styles provide a rapid change in the formatting of a document and enable centralized control of formatting options. The editor supports both paragraph and character based designs, as well as multiple style inheritance. Stylesheets are compatible with MS Word.

Extensive table support

  • Insert rows, columns and cells.
  • Connect Split and Merge Cells and share the table.
  • Align cell contents horizontally and vertically.
  • Deleting cells, columns and rows.

 Document security and end-user restrictions

  • Password protect an entire document for editing and limits to modify selected parts of the document. If the document protection is enabled, authenticated users can only edit the document specific areas for which the permissions are assigned. Editable areas can be marked and enclosed in parentheses.
  • Our document protection model based on the RTF Specification 1.9.1 (read-only password protection and protection exceptions sections) and is therefore compatible with the Microsoft ® Word ® document protection feature.

Merge or Serial E-Mail

  • You can simply connect the data from a contacts with a correspondent.
  • Select the contacts which will receive a Serial letter.
  • Print or send as E-Mail. If you send as E-Mail, there are the options of HTML or text E-Mail. In the text E-Mail, you can also specify if the correspondence should be sent as an attachment in PDF format.

Working hours The working hours of your employees are automatically saved. Optionally, you can choose whether they work in the program, or the time at which the employees are logged on the computer, is used for calculation. Downtime, such as illness, holidays, etc. need to be captured by the employee. You can view and edit a graphical and tabular analysis of downtime.

Differences from: Professional

    Enterprise Business Professional Standard

This program allows you to conect text with data.

Create text:

  • This program has the whole scope of our text program. You can open your texts here.

Connection to data:

  • Connections to many tables of our projects are available and need only be selected.
  • It can make a connection to each database.


Your customers wants often a list of active PTT licenses.

You create a cover letter with SNAP for the customers and add a table with the active licenses. Then, to create a letter, you just have to select the customer number, and the personal standard letter for the customer is ready.


Microsoft Excel ™ inspires our spreadsheet. With this program, you can quickly and easily perform spreadsheet functions.

Microsoft Excel compatibility (XLS, XLSx)

  • Load, convert and save workbooks to XLS binary file format.

  • Load, convert and save workbooks to XLSX, CSV and TXT file formats.

Medium Trust support

  • Run your spreadsheet solutions in medium trust environments.

Print and export to PDF support

  • Output your spreadsheets to PDF.

Built-in formula calculation engine

  • Comprehensive range of supported functions for use in formulas:
  • Financial, Statistical, Engineering, Logical, Text, Date&Time, Lookup&Reference, Math&Trig, Informational

  • Calculation results match MS Excel
  • Named formulas and defined names in formulas
  • Cell references in formulas (A1, R1C1, 3D and structured references)
  • Array formulas
  • Shared formulas
  • Constants and calculation operators in formulas

Create and modify Worksheets

  • Create, copy, rename, move and delete worksheets
  • Hide and unhide worksheets
  • View and print options (specified programmatically in a document workbook file)

Manipulate Cells and Cell Ranges

  • Access any cell or cell range in a worksheet
  • Insert, copy, clear and delete cells
  • Merge and unmerge Cells
  • Add hyperlinks to cells
  • Add comments to cells
  • Named cells
  • Format cells


  • Insert, move, change, transform and delete pictures incorporated into a worksheet

Rows and Columns

  • Access any row or column in a worksheet
  • Insert, copy and delete rows and columns
  • Adjust row height and column width
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Group and ungroup rows and columns

Data Management

  • Set and modify the data type of a cell
  • Import data to cells from different data sources

Cell Styles and Formatting

  • Built-in styles
  • Custom styles
  • Cell font settings (font name, size, color, style, etc.)
  • Cell background (color and shading)
  • Cell content alignment (vertical and horizontal alignment, indent, text wrapping, text shrinking and text rotation)
  • Cell borders
  • Number formats to display numeric data (number, accounting, currency, date, time, percentage, etc.)
  • Conditional Formatting: Create and modify rules to format worksheet cells

Table support

  • Insert, modify, copy and delete tables.
  • Format tables using supported built-in table styles or custom styles.

Differences from: Business

    Enterprise Business Professional Standard
E-Mail Client

Our E-Mail client has been inspired from Microsoft Outlook ™. With this program you can manage POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. You can set reminders for your E-Mails. Tracking E-Mails in the tasks and create your E-Mail´s in text or HTML format.

 Tasks are managed individually for each employee. For each employee more directories can be created. It is possible to mark folders as "private" so no one else gets access to the tasks. Tasks can be assigned by moving to other employees. For E-Mail´s which you want to track, exists a separate folder. These E-Mails can also be assigned to employees.

Information pool

Save all company information in one part of the program. You will not lose information any more and your employees can access the information at any time. The information can be searched by using filters. Information can be marked as resubmission. In addition, information can be directly assigned to employees.

Scheduler With our scheduler, you can make appointments for different people / things. E.G. as a car rental company, manage the time when the car is rented. It is possible to import, export and synchronize your appointments with Outlook ™. You can also import and export  the appointments in the standard format iCalendar.

Differences from: Enterprise

    Enterprise Business Professional Standard

The Document Manager is a user friendly DMS software and will help you to speed up operations, simplify your everyday work, thus increasing your productivity in the long term.

Simply better organized

The program structure is based on folders. In each folder documents can be stored. You can also add more folders. This means that the software is immediately available with minimum of familiarization time. With a mouse click you browse, open the folder and view the documents.

Pdf files, text and images are displayed directly from the Document Manager.