Version: 6.7.1
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This program is designed to facilitate your working day. This program can be used on a single workstation or on a network.

The program package includes the following functions:

Client capability:

Our program is capable for various clients.


Here you can manage your contacts. On the data of your contacts, you can access from the other programs.  These data you can import, export or synchronize with Microsoft ® Outlook ™.

Working hours:

Automatic recording of working hours of your employees with evaluation of downtime.


Our Report Designer allows you to create quickly and easily your own reports.

SEPA-Payments (Just for Germany):

One-time and recurring payments, you can perform by SEPA.

Information Management consisting of:

Information pool:

Here you can store all the information to a central point. This information can be found quickly and easily using filters or a tree structure. Contacts can be assigned to the informations. Information can be put on resubmission. In addition, you can combine information and documents from our document manager.


You can manage the events separated by one or for all companies. The events can be assigned a contact. The events can be grouped by resources. Resources can be, e.g. an individual employee or a car for rent. The events can be synchronized, imported and exported with Outlook ™.

Document Manager:

Here you can store all your documents/files. The documents are stored in a tree structure so that a searched document can be quickly retrieved. In addition, each document can be assigned to 2 categories and keywords. Using this data you can, find the documents again.

Text program:

Our text program supports following text formats:

  • .docx Microsoft Word 2007 Document
  • .doc Microsoft Word Document
  • .xml Word 2003 xml Document
  • .epub electronic publication
  • .odt Open Office Document
  • .rtf Rich Text Format
  • .txt Text file
  • .html, htm Html-Format
  • .mht Website in a file

The texts can be stored in the file system or and in the database. Documents which are stored in the database can be found by full text search.

You can create text blocks and inserted into documents.

Automatic use of placeholders. You may write for example "bg" and it is then automatically replaced with "Best regards".

A spell checker is also available.

Tables, images, links, icons and bookmarks can be inserted.

You can create serial E-Mails and send them to your contacts.

And much more.

E-Mail Client:

Our E-Mail client is inspired by Microsoft Outlook™. With him you can manage POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. In this part of the program you can also manage your tasks.


Our spreadsheet supports the following formats:

  • .xls Microsoft Excel™ 2003
  • .xlsx Microsoft Excel™ 2007
  • .csv Comma separatedtext file
  • .txt  Text file

Our spreadsheet is inspired by Microsoft Excel ™. With this program you can quickly and easily perform spreadsheet functions.

The spreadsheet supports a comprehensive range of functions for use in formulas. Function groups are:

  • Financial-
  • Statistical
  • Engineering
  • Logical
  • Text
  • Date & Time
  • Mathematical


This is a program which allows you to combine text and data from the database. As texts you can download all formats of our text program. The most important tables of our database are available and can be selected. With this program you can also connect to any other database.