PTT-Server Administration      

Version: 3.7.12
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This program is specially designed for PTT-Provider (Push-to- Talk) to manage their customers/licenses. This program is designed as a guiding system. It automatically creates and deletes the licenses on the PTT-Server via a SOAP interface.  As a base it has expanded the scope of our Office-ToolThis program can be tested free for 30 days. If you are interested then please send us an E-Mail or call us.
The program consists of 3 programs packets. Our Service- Center, Server-Tools and an own homepage with Customer portal. Following we only talk about the additional services.


Article management

Here the article for billing are managed. You can manually enter the invoice. For the PTT services, the bill sets are created automatically.

Representatives management

You can save your representative in this administration. Monthly commission statements are created for the representatives after payment of the invoices.


You can create different tariffs. Rates with volume discounts or for prepayment. The tariffs you can assigne the additional services like GPS tracking, Chat and SOS. In addition, you can assign the tariff a PTT mode like Nokia PTT (PNOC), OMA PTT and PTT Talk-IP.


You can form associations with other customers, so that they form a closed group of users in this organization. The customers will be billed separately. At these associations you have association groups. These groups allow the assignment of licenses from other companies.

Customer management

In customer management, you can manage the customer, his groups and licenses. Customer tariffs, the PTT server, associations are also assigned here. You can send a welcome and a password E-Mail to the customer, so that he can log in to the Customer Portal. The language and the article for the calculation of the PTT service are also defined here.

License management

There are 3 different parts of the program for the management of licenses.
·      All licenses
This window shows you all available licenses for editing.
·      Licenses for closed user groups
In this window only licenses are displayed, which are assigned to closed user groups.
·      Public licenses
Here only licenses are managed which use the public domain.
The licenses of closed user groups are assigned to a customer. The user, the device, the provider and the permissions are also entered here.
For licenses in public domain, the data of the contact, the tariff, the language, the PTT server and the article must be registered. Then the data such as user name, the device, the provider and the permissions for the PTT service must be registered.


On the homepage, interested parties can be registered. Depending on whether the prospective have registered for closed user groups or for public licenses, these data will be imported and a Welcome E-Mail is sent. To be protected by law, the customer must request a password with his ID. With this request, it acknowledges the Terms and Conditions of business. (Optionally set as a mandatory field in the homepage)


Recording of received Pre-payments.


Here you can manually enter data when you want to invoice your customers. For the PTT service, a program of the server tools automatically calculates and displays this data in the billing document.
You have to set the additional option, if you wish to send invoices via E-Mail and where the produced invoices will be stored in the document manager.
In Germany, there is also the possibility to receive demands by direct debit. In Brazil, the invoices can be provided with a Boletto so that the customer can pay it directly on the bank.
Here the invoices are created. You can make a reprint of each invoice. A invoice journal can monthly be created.


If you use our financial accounting, then the payment will be posted on them. If not, then you have to check out the demands in this window.
Reminders can also be created here. Optionally, the reminders can be sent by E-Mail, and will be archived in the Document Manager. For demands which were admonished by, you can create a lawyer list. Commission statements are also created here.

Export / Import  

If you have your own billing system running, then we can export our account data and import data for lock / unlock of licenses.


Our program offers the following statistics. Products, Tariff, PTT-Server and a license statistic. The data are shown in an evaluation table. There you can calculate the required evaluations and also display in a chart.


In our support chat you can handle requests of your customers from the customer portal.


The Server Tools is a program pacts which consists of services and timed programs. This program should be installed on a own server, because you have to work without interruption.


This service manages the incoming chat requests of the customer portal and transmits the communication between the service center and customer portal.


This program is scheduled and should be started every hour. This has to be entered in the task scheduler of the server.  
·         Daily is done:
o   Protocols, such as customer E-Mail, change of customer data, changes in license data, will be deleted when they have exceeded a preset time.
o   Invoice data and license statistics are deleted after a preset time.
o   Public licenses, which were still created, but the customer has never purchased a license will be deleted after a time.
o   Public licenses, which were not used for a preset period are deleted.
o   The tariffs assigned to the customer, are checked to expiry and  stored in an error log.
o   Physical delete from customers with pre-payment, if the status is deleted.
o   Customers where a termination date is set, will be automatically marked as deleted when the day has come.
o   Licenses, which are marked as deleted, and are not needed anymore, are physically deleted.
o   Customers marked as deleted, where the customer data are no longer needed, will be deleted automatically.
o   Data of the statistics, which have exceeded a preset period of time will be deleted.
·         Every houre is done:
o   Customers and public licenses with pre-payment, where the period has expired and for which the license has not been paid, will be automatically locked.
o   Receipt pre-payments will be processed and the licenses will be enabled.
o   Receivables from customers which were not compensated after a set period of time, the licenses are locked.
o   Customers where the licenses are locked, because there was no payment, are automatically activated after payment. 

License fees

This scheduling program should be started always on the 1st of the month at 0:01. It will calculate the license fees for the use of the PTT service, and makes the data available for billing.

Homepage with customer portal 

This program is a Web page that allows you to make your own Homepage without knowledge of programming.
In the administrator part of the web page you can:
Upload images and movies in a download-container.
Create the individual pages in a table and build a Html text editor to display the page. You can for example set a link to pictures in the download container. Every page has a designation, a menu title, a title for the page, and the meta description for search engines.
Pages in which films are to be shown, you can also create. Here you have to assign the page film to the download container.
In a table, you can create the menu.
The Homepage includes:
1.       Registration for customers of closed user groups
2.       Registration for public licenses
3.       Optionally, you can display a contact box. In this contact box, the customer can request a call back.
4.       Request a password
5.       In the customer portal for closed user groups, you can:
a.       Change the password
b.      Change the address
c.       Manage, create and edit licenses.
d.      Send configuration-, group invitations- (NPOC) and Download-SMS.
e.      Edit groups and assign members to groups.
f.        Lead a chat with the support.
g.       Customers who sell the services on own account and own name, can:
                              i.      Manage the licenses of their customers
                             ii.      Send configuration-, group invitations- (NPOC) and Download-SMS.
                            iii.      Edit groups and assign members to groups.
                            iv.      Register new customers, which are then automatically assigned to the sales partner.
h.      At pre-payment execute payments via PayPal.
6.       In the customer portal for public licenses:
a.       Change password.
b.      Change address
c.       Cahnge Alias and phone number of the license
d.      Pay the license fees via PayPal.