Travel expense control      

Version: 1.1.15
Download not available

Our program can be used by all customers of Talk-IP International AG, Talk IP GmbH and Talk-IP Brasil Ltda., if they use tracking data.

Way of working:

Your mobiles transmit position data to the PTT server. You can also query the staging points of your licenses via the dispatcher. If you want to create an expense report based on this position data, or want to check the travel expenses, then our program can help you.

Currently you will receive your position data from the Talk-IP Support, which can be loaded into the program. In the future it is planned, that the position data can be imported through the Internet.

Each PTT licenses corresponds one of your employees. The required data can be automatically updated via the Internet.

The evaluation takes place in a spreadsheet, the data can be saved in the format Microsoft Excel. This program can only be used as a single workstation.

Trial version:

We offer our software as a shareware. This means you can test our program 30 days for free. If you want to continue using the program, you need to buy a licenseSince there are, depending on the PTT server, different version, the download can not be made through our website. Please contact our support or the support of Talk-IP.